Typically, you should plan to do your shoot 1 month in advance of when you will need to use the images. As your final images are delivered within 2-weeks from the day of the shoot, it's best to allow a week or so between delivery day and when you will need to use them. If you are a blogger or someone who is planning seasonal content such as Easter, autumn or Christmas, book your session one season ahead. If a rush request is needed, the images can be delivered earlier upon paying a small fee which will be applied to your session invoice.

How far in advance should I plan my session?

Yes, all branding images are edited using Lightroom in a similar editing style as the images seen on my website, past client sessions, and my Instagram feed. Images will not be delivered in a RAW, unedited format. If you need to apply your own filters or edit the images after delivery of the final images, you can do so by paying a small fee which will be added to your branding session invoice. No, I do not apply watermarks to your final images.

Do you edit the images or apply a watermark on the final images?

Your branding package will be delivered within 2 weeks from the date of the shoot. You'll receive the final, edited images in an online photo gallery which will be password protected and shared to you on delivery day.  You will also receive a few teaser images within 5 days of the shoot.

How long does it take to receive my final branding session? 

The planning consult will narrow down the important details of the shoot so we are 110% prepared for shoot day! We will go over your branding questionnaire in-depth, plan our shot list, nail down the location(s), discuss outfit options, props, and hair & makeup.

What will we go over during our planning consult?

It's definitely best to over-plan and bring an extra outfit or two in case you need it. One outfit per shot on our shot list is typical - however planning for an extra outfit never hurts! You may find that a certain outfit you chose isn't doing it for you during the shoot - so having that extra backup will come in handy! You can see above in the package details how many outfits I recommend for each package. 

How many outfits should I bring?

If you're late or need extra time for the shoot, I won't compensate for extra time as sometimes shoots are scheduled back-to-back; and it would not be fair to the next client. That's why it's crucial to pick the right package that will allow the exact amount of time you'll need for your session. Have your makeup & hair done well in advance and arrive at the first location 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the shoot to avoid being late! 

What happens if I'm late to the shoot or need extra time during the session?

If we chose to shoot indoors, I recommend a bright, clean, and open indoor space with lots of natural lighting. A staged showhome, a friend's house, a studio, coffee shops or other public locations can be used (as long as the owners are okay with it!) I will help you plan a great indoor location and we can always discuss the option of renting a space for the shoot (such as an AirBnB). 

Of course, outdoors is always available - and if the weather cooperates - can provide a beautiful backdrop for your branding images.

What type of locations do you suggest?

This will look different for everyone, but ideally, you should plan a shoot once every 2-3 months so your inventory of content is always up-to-date. Monthly & quarterly sessions will soon be available as a package option - so stay tuned! 

How often should I plan a branding shoot so I always have fresh content? 

Branding photography is more than just 'photos'. Having consistent and cohesive imagery to help you show up for your customers is going to be an added value to your brand and business. Professional photography is not only going to elevate your existing brand, but it will tell your story and develop connection with your ideal client & customer to bring in more sales. 

I'm on the fence on whether I need branding photography for my business. Why should I opt to book a branding session?

Whenever you feel like taking your business to the next step and are financially able to do so, having professional imagery is an important investment to make as soon as you can. Think about where you want to take your business and how you want it to grow. Having a stock of professional, tailored branding imagery at your fingertips may be exactly what your business needs to climb up to the next level. I'm always here to answer any questions you may have as I know this can be an exciting, new step for a entrepreneur who's never had a branding session done before!

When should I start doing branding photos?